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Parents’/ Guardians’ Guide

Parents’/ Guardians’ Guide

This guide aims to provide the essential information you will need to support your son/daughter through their time at the College. Please be assured that the College does everything possible to ensure that students entering the College for the first time feel welcome and that their transition to the different environment of the College is made as smooth as possible. In return we expect all our students to contribute to the friendly atmosphere in the College by showing consideration and respect for others. The College values all its members equally and does not tolerate discrimination, bullying or harassment of any kind.


The College places great importance on the three-way relationship between the student, their parents or guardians and their Mentor. Every student is allocated to a Mentor who acts as their mentor and guide through College. The Mentor is your main point of contact at the College. However, the College welcomes contact from parents/guardians, at any time. If you think that your son/daughter is experiencing difficulties, or even if you just want a current update on their progress, do not hesitate to contact their Mentor.

In addition each student also has a Director of Studies to whom to go for advice and support especially on academic issues if they would prefer to do so. Most problems are resolved by being dealt with quickly at this informal level.

Academic Review Days, Reports and Parents’ Evenings

The College aims to keep parents/guardians up to date with their son/daughter’s progress throughout the year. You will receive a progress report in the post every half term.

We encourage students to make the best use their private study periods by spending them in the library, computer areas, the Learning Zone and other study areas. However some students may prefer to work at home.


The College expects 100% attendance from all students as would be expected at work. It is a known fact that there is a strong relationship between poor attendance and poor results. Should a student be absent the College must be informed on each day of the absence.

If a student becomes ill at College, or has an appointment to attend, they must sign out in the book at Reception.

The student’s mentor shall contact the parent/guardian if a pattern of poor attendance is noticed. However, if attendance does not improve with this report and monitoring, the parent/guardian will be invited to attend a meeting with the Mentor and a Director of Studies. Should a student still fail to improve a Disciplinary Panel will be convened and this panel will make a decision on the student’s future at College.

Parents and students should note that when writing references the College is completely honest in matters regarding punctuality and attendance. Good attendance and punctuality (alongside honesty and integrity) are the first things employers want to know about.


The College has a punctuality policy and expects all students to adhere to it. The Punctuality Policy is explained to all students during the Induction. It includes the right of a tutor to deny a student access to the classroom if s/he is more than ten minutes late. This is because it is unfair to both the teacher and the rest of the class to disturb their lesson. Students with persistent lateness are monitored and parents are informed and involved in the same way as for attendance above.

Time Management & Self Discipline

College life requires greater time management and self-discipline on the part of the student than was probably the case at school. Perhaps inevitably, some students find these skills the hardest to develop. At school everything was organised and structured for them by their teachers, whilst at college they have private study periods when they are not in class. Students are expected to organise themselves and use this non-contact time for study.

The quicker a student learns how to use this time sensibly the more successful they are likely to be in their studies. This is very good preparation not only for going on to study at university, but also for learning how to balance life’s commitments as an adult.

Study Time

One of the more difficult and challenging adjustments students have to make when they start College is to realise that academic study involves working both within and outside the classroom.

Careers Advice and Guidance

All students at the College receive careers advice and guidance, the main themes of which are self-development and career exploration. The programm e is largely delivered by Mentors through the Tutorial Programme.

Holidays During Term Time

We request parents and guardians not to take their sons/daughters on holidays during term time. Such absence cannot be authorised. The student often thinks that they will catch up or even do the work on holiday! Alas this very rarely happens. Photocopying someone else's notes is not learning.

Mobile Phones

Whilst nearly all students own and use mobile phones, the College does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to them whilst on College premises. The College also insists that mobile phones are switched off during lessons and the Daily Tutorial Meeting. Under no circumstances should a student bring their mobile phone to College if they are sitting examinations. A student found with a mobile phone in the examination hall would find that particular paper disqualified and their other examinations put in jeopardy. The examination boards have to be informed as this is a breach of their regulations.

Student Services

The College provides trained counsellors on site for students. This is a free, confidential service aimed at helping students if they are facing difficulties which they feel uncomfortable talking to their parents/guardians or Mentor about.

The Student Diary

The College provides every student with a diary to help them to manage their time effectively, to record work set and assignment deadlines. The diary contains brief

information on the facilities and services available in College.

Parent Governors

The Board of Governors of the College is known as the 'Corporation'. There are two parent members elected by all parents. Parents remain members as long as their sons/daughters attend the College.

The role is not too onerous. Most of the work takes place in the evenings . Governors do not manage the College; they set direction, guide, and monitor and assess the work of the College. Parent governors do not represent parents any more than other governors, but they do have special knowledge which is invaluable.

No specific skills are required other than attendance at two or three meetings per term in the early evenings (6 p.m.) and an annual conference.

College Complaints Procedure for Parents/Guardians

We expect your son/daughter to be very happy at the College; it is a very pleasant, safe and friendly environment in which to study. However if you have reason to make a formal complaint against the College and the service it provides then please write in detail to the Principal: Confirmation of receipt of your complaint will be returned to you within 5 working days.

The complaint will be investigated quickly and fairly by a designated senior manager. If it is about a teaching, curriculum or staffing matter your complaint will be investigated by the Director of Studies

When you are ready to apply:

Director of Studies,

Metro City Pre-Varsity

Adelayo Bus stop,

Alagbaa, wakajaye, Iyana Church

Off Iwo Road

P.O. Box 7166 Secretariat

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Affiliated Universities

  • Belgorod State University
  • Belgorod State technological University (Named after V.G Shukhov, Russia)
  • National Aerospace University (Ukraine)
  • Zaporizhzhya State Medical University
  • Gomel State Medical University (Belarus)
  • Houston Community Belgorod State University
  • Belgorod State technological University (Named after V.G Shukhov, Russia)
  • National Aerospace University (Ukraine)
  • Zaporizhzhya State Medical University
  • Gomel State Medical University (Belarus)
  • Houston Community College (USA)
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